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When it comes to sell my house fast, we’re different. Here’s why.

A quick online search will show you that there’s no shortage of property buying companies that promise to buy houses for cash, at a great price. The reality is, though, that most of them are agents or some other kind of middle man. Typically, if they make an offer at all, it is extremely low, and the sale process is protracted. Often, there are hidden costs. None of this is true with us.

First, at BuyingPropertyFast, we’re not an agent: we’re a genuine cash buyer, with available funds to complete a sale almost immediately. Second, we make genuinely realistic valuations, and our offers are pitched to give you an extremely attractive price. Thirdly, we’re completely open and honest: we don’t make offers and then reduce it at the last minute, or introduce costs at a late stage of the process. We won’t surprise you in any way. Our aim is to provide a way for you to sell your house for cash, to your total satisfaction, as quickly as it’s legally possible. That’s why, when people approach us with the question: “how to sell my house fast?” we’re totally confident in answering: “leave it to us!”

Run by Scott Murphy, whose experience of working in the UK and international property market spans over two decades , BuyingPropertiesFast is a team of respected professionals committed to delivering a fast, problem-free sale at a realistic price, so that you can pursue the life-path you dream about. The questions: “How do I sell my house for cash?” and “How can I sell my house today?” have never been easier to answer!

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Our promise to you

  • Our service is fast, easy and simple – 100% free of hidden costs or hassles.

  • We are a true cash buyer – not an agent or intermediary.

  • Our valuations and offers are realistic and 100% no-obligation

  • It doesn’t matter if your property is vacant or tenanted.

  • We buy properties in all parts of the UK.

  • We will cover all normal legal costs of sale up to a set amount.

  • The timescale of the sale is your choice – we can complete in a matter of days, or wait until you’re ready.

  • We will help you move, if required.

  • Our team consists of experienced, open and friendly property professionals with decades of experience in finance, property and land purchase and joint ventures.

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