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March 2018

  • House Prices Slump in February

    For the first time in six months house prices have fallen rather than risen, creating concern of a new trend. House prices in the UK have fallen by an average of £1,350 according to data...

    16th March 2018

  • Landlord Repossessions Set to Rise Rapidly

    According to a recent report in the Independent, tenants failing to keep up with rental payments is causing a record number of evictions and repossessions by landlords. This is leading to many landlords being in...

    16th March 2018

  • Recent Tax Changes Hit Buy-to-Let Sector Hard

    Recent Tax Changes Hit Buy-to-Let Sector Hard A recent article in the Daily Mail reports that over the past two years, investments in the buy-to-let sector have plummeted by 80%. Figures released by the Intermediary...

    2nd March 2018

  • UK House Prices Fall for Second Month

    There has been more bad news for people who need to sell their house fast in Grimsby, as property prices across the UK fell for a second month in a row.  According to an article...

    2nd March 2018