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  • Could Damp Prevent A House Sale?

    Damp is a common problem that many homeowners face, and while many learn to live with it, problems can often arise when they want to sell the property. In many cases, damp Most mortgage lenders...

    8th November 2018

  • Number of Empty Properties on the Increase

    The number of empty properties throughout England is on the rise, fuelling Government concerns that there are not enough houses for first time buyers in areas such as Leeds and Liverpool . According to a...

    18th June 2018

  • Declining Neighbourhoods Causing Problems for Landlords

    Landlords can find themselves unwittingly buying property in undesirable areas and struggling to find tenants in Grimsby. In a recent report featured in Homes and Property, Victoria Whitlock talks about her difficulty in finding families...

    18th June 2018

  • House Prices Slumping in Many London Areas

    According to a recent report in the Guardian, house prices in London are falling in various areas. Figures released by Zoopla show that while other areas such as Manchester and Liverpool are showing increases in...

    10th April 2018

  • Medway Council Announce Plans to Combat Housing Crisis

    According to an article in the Medway Property News, Medway Council are putting into place plans to address the chronic housing deficit in the area and how to meet the predicted rise in population. It...

    10th April 2018