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A Gulf in Property Prices to Be Found in Grimsby

25th January 2018

In most areas of the UK, you will notice a gulf in the price of property from the lower end to the upper end of the market. A semi-detached house in the south-east of England recently sold for a staggering £13 million last year. At the other end of the scale, a terrace house in Burnley was sold for a bargain price of just £15,000 in the same month. While the divide in house prices isn’t quite as dramatic within the Grimsby area, there are still opposite ends of the spectrum to be found. In November 2017, a detached house on Louth Road in Grimsby was purchased for £346,000. In contrast, the lowest priced property sale in Grimsby in that month was a terrace house in Macaulay Street, which went for £36,750 according to the Grimsby Telegraph. Houses at the top end of the market tend to be growing steadily in value and will always be in high demand to people wishing to move up the property ladder or to accommodate a growing family. Properties at the lower end of the market are not rising as much in comparison, and have struggled in many parts of the country to regain their market value since the banking crisis of 2008.

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Depressed Housing Market Can Lead to Slow Sales Low houses prices are often the sign of a depressed housing market, and in some areas of the UK, particularly Grimsby, there are various factors that have led to a slow-moving property market. Often, houses at the lower end of the property market can take a long time to sell, as there are now fewer first-time buyers around as more and more people are forced to rent rather than get on the property ladder. Although issues that have contributed to this problem such as low employment, stagnating wages and zero-hero contracts all look to be around for the foreseeable future, for those thinking “how do I sell my house fast?”, there is a way to secure a fast property sale without having to attract first-time buyers. How Can I Sell My House Fast? Many people need a fast house sale, they are keen to move into either a new property in the same town or to another area. A slow sale could jeopardise their move and may even lead them to lose money. The need to sell my house fast could be due to a work commitment or the need to raise funds to pay for care for an elderly relative and the option of waiting it out with an estate agent just isn’t viable. Professional property buyers can help those who need to sell their house fast, or sell their house for cash. So, if you’re wondering “how can I sell my house today?” a company such as could offer you a way forward. Companies that buy houses fast can eliminate the need for estate agents, having to make expensive repairs on your home, or redecorate in a bid to attract potential buyers. How to sell your house fast has never been so easy, and offers people who live in areas such as Grimsby and Peterlee where property can often take months or even years to sell an answer to their dilemma. Opting for a fast house sale can potentially save you a lot of money, as well as take away a lot of the stresses and strains associated with selling a property.