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Could Damp Prevent A House Sale?

8th November 2018

Damp is a common problem that many homeowners face, and while many learn to live with it, problems can often arise when they want to sell the property. In many cases, damp

Most mortgage lenders will insist on a property undergoing a detailed survey before the bank or building society part with the money. Damp will usually be flagged up on a survey and could put off many potential buyers.

Damp damage can be extremely costly to repair and may involve intensive work including damp-proof courses, retouching brickwork, replacing damaged plaster board and plaster, replacing or fixing ruined flooring and of course, redecorating. This can quickly mount up to bills of hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. In addition, it can seriously slow down the sale of your property while you wait to have the work completed.

Even if you are prepared to spend money on addressing your damp problem, chances are that the problem will return as it is near impossible to get rid off permanently.

Buyers may still be willing to buy your property if you have an issue with damp, but it’s likely that they’ll want a significant sum of money taken off the asking price. Many other buyers will not want to buy a property with such a defect and will simply look elsewhere.

However, at Buying Property Fast, we don’t consider damp to be a problem when it comes to buying your house.  We buy property with interiors and exterior problems such as damp and don’t require you to have the problems solved before we buy the property.

So, if you want to sell your property fast but are worried about your damp problem, call us to see how we can help you and quickly buy your home.