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Could Your Tenants Be Subletting?

19th February 2018

Subletting, if not agreed by the landlord, can cause all sorts of problems and is also illegal. Landlords in Doncaster who discover that their tenants are subletting can start legal proceedings and take steps to evict if necessary. Some of the problems encountered with illegal subletting include extra wear and tear on the property, potential debt issues with the property becoming blacklisted, and the potential to affect the landlord’s insurance policy – all of which can have a detrimental effect on profit as well as the market value of the property. There are lots of rental properties in Doncaster, many of which may be illegally sublet. Whether this is a simple case of a person allowing their partner to move in without getting prior agreement from their landlord, or the tenants subletting out other rooms in the property or even moving themselves and renting the entire house out at a profit.  Often it can take months or even years before the tenants subletting becomes known. Extra people in a rental property in Doncaster can cause many problems for the landlord. It many cases it leads to problems with anti-social behaviour – particularly if there’s lots of noise coming from the property. There will often be an excess of rubbish outside the property. If this is not disposed of regularly by the tenant or removed by the council in the fortnightly rubbish collections, it could lead to a vermin infestation, unpleasant odours and complaints from the neighbours.   More worryingly, if there’s an emergency at the property, such as a fire, the landlord or letting agency may not be able to account for all the people living there, which could have devastating consequences. Ways to check if your tenant is subletting: There are ways to determine if your tenant is likely to be subletting, these include:

  • Making it difficult for the landlord or letting agency enter the building
  • An excess of bedding or clothing in spare rooms
  • More toothbrushes and toiletries than expected
  • Mail addressed to people other than the agreed tenant
  • Reports from neighbours
  • Other cars frequently parked outside the property

Subletting Problems are Prompting Many Landlords to Sell Persistent problems with subletting have led many landlords to consider selling their buy-to-let properties. However, this is often fraught with difficulties as some are unsure of how to procure a fast house sale. Very few buyers on the open market are willing to buy property for cash, particularly a buy-to-let property which may still have tenants. Companies that buy houses fast are able to give landlords in Doncaster an easy option to sell their house for cash if they need a fast house sale. Property buyer companies such as are able to eliminate the usual stresses and worries landlords may encounter when trying to sell a property with sitting tenants. We are able to give realistic valuations for properties regardless of the condition of the property or whether it has tenants or not, saving landlords valuable time and money trying to improve their properties or give their tenants notice to leave.