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Council Plans to Build 400 New Homes in Stoke-on-Trent

10th April 2018

Fortior Homes, which is owned by Stoke City council, has declared that it has plans for building a property portfolio worth £68million. The company hopes to have built 400 new homes in the area over the next ten years according to a report in The Sentinel. The council has budgeted for a £55million investment in its self-owned Fortior Homes over the next two years and hopes that taxpayers in the area will reap the benefits of the investment. Construction work is due to begin over the next two years on various projects including two sites in Hanley, one of which is a project involving 277 apartments in Smithfield and another, 120 houses at Bridgewater. Council Hopes to Reinvest Revenue Raised on Local Services Stoke City Council hopes the investment will yield an average of around 5.9% return on investment each year, which has been revised from its previous figure of 5.4%. It’s estimated that through dividends, interest and additional council tax, the project could yield a £10.3 million return over the next ten years. Residents in Stoke hope that this revenue is used by the city council to improve local services, whereas private home building companies’ priority would be to pay their shareholders.

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