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Need a fast house sale? Know what is better, a big improvement or small improvement to your home

2nd March 2018

“When I wanted to sell my house fast, I got lots of advice from agents and friends regarding the improvements I needed to do to get a decent price for my property. However, I ended up spending more than I wanted and got no real benefits in terms of difference in the value of the house.” said one of our clients. Being one of the best companies that buy houses fast, we come across this type of scenario a lot with our clients, with many believing that they need to spend a lot of money on their property in order to sell their house fast. Some are told they should make improvements in the kitchen, others will be advised to update their flooring. Other will recommend a new bathroom or to give the garden an expensive make-over for a better chance of a quick house sale. While some changes could help you sell your house fast, most are not necessary and you can save valuable time and money by not doing them. Property buying companies have unique experience of giving realistic valuations for your property without needing to undergo any major alterations or improvements. We understand the property market and the types of things buyers look for in a property, so we can advise where any priorities are when it comes to making small and relatively inexpensive changes. We understand that you need a fast house sale, and we appreciate that you are probably not in a financial position to make expensive alterations or improvements to your home in order to achieve this.Property buying companies are aware that there is rarely a return on investment when it comes to spending large sums of money on home improvements for a fast house sale. While some small changes could make the difference and add value to your home, it’s important to remember that spending thousands of pounds on your property will not necessarily equate to the same amount of money being added to the value. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will recoup all the money spent with any increase in the property’s value. Small and inexpensive changes could include a lick of paint in tired looking rooms, deep cleaning areas such as the bathroom or kitchen flooring and tiles to brighten them up, and tidying up the garden and investing in a few inexpensive flowering plants. These changes will help to improve the appeal of the home, without costing a fortune. Buying property fast suggests you spend money on necessary things to improve the look of your house and increase appeal, but not on bigger home improvement projects which will have a low return value on the original investment. If you need a fast house sale and want to sell your home quickly for a realistic price, then you can contact one of the best property buying Call or email and we can value your property and offer the best deal for you.