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  • In which areas do you buy houses?

    We buy houses or flats all over the UK.

  • Is the sale private?

    Yes, we understand this is important and that most owners don’t just want a fast sale, but also for it to be private. Don’t worry, we won’t come to your property in a van with our logo on it like other firms.

  • Do you cover the legal costs?

    Yes. If you use the lawyer that we recommend, we will cover all of the legal costs that are associated with the sale of the property. Should you wish to use your own lawyer we will contribute £500 towards their costs.

  • Why do you only cover the cost of the lawyer you recommend?

    It is important that we move fast and complete the sale. A lot of the lawyers in the UK take much longer than is really needed. This is not because they do any more work, it's simply the pace at which they work. It's important that you have a lawyer that will do all of the checks needed, yet understand that the property needs to be sold fast.

  • My house is being repossessed, can you help me?

    Yes. We can help you, as long as we act fast. We can, if time allows, complete the transaction before the repossession.

  • Are there any hidden fees or costs?

    No. There are absolutely no hidden fees or costs, our sale process is 100% transparent.

  • How long will the process take?

    We can do this in as little as 7 days. However, for the majority of sales, we look to complete in around 28 days although this can be delayed should any legal problems be highlighted. For example, there may be charges that were not expected in regards to the property. These can take time to remove should we need to track down who the charges are held with. Also, this timing relies on you responding speedily to your lawyers with any answers to questions or documents they may request.

  • Does it matter what condition my house is in?

    No, we make offers on properties with a variety of problems, such as damp, need of modernisation etc