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Property Types

Whatever the reason for your sale, we’ll buy your property.

There are many reasons why somebody would want a fast and private sale. We specialise in delivering a speedy and discrete service, allowing you to quickly sell your property and move on with your life. Here are a few examples of how we can help you with a fast property sale.

  • No More Broken Chains

    Once we’ve agreed the price, the property sale is guaranteed. No last minute let downs or hold ups waiting for other people in the chain to sell their properties.

  • Can’t Afford to Do Work on Your Property?

    We buy property in any condition, which can save you valuable time and money in costly repairs to your house or flat.

  • Inherited Property? We’re Here to Help.

    If you’ve have inherited a property in the UK or overseas, we can organise everything from house clearance to a speedy sale.

  • Tenancy Issues? We Can Help.

    If you’re a landlord wanting to downsize your property portfolio or have simply decided that being a landlord is not for you, we can buy your property even if you have tenants.

  • Divorce? Let Us Help.

    Do you need a quick property sale following a divorce? We can help you by quickly buying your property and avoiding unnecessary stress.

“As a landlord, I wanted to down-size my property portfolio and sell some of my properties that needed a lot of work doing to them. The team at Buying Property Fast was extremely helpful and professional which allowed me to sell two properties quickly, both with tenants.”

Mr H. Smith, Doncaster