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Why Use Us?

If you need a fast house sale with a friendly and reputable company, we can help!

We have many benefits over the traditional routes of selling property, such as estate agents and property auctions. Contact our professional and friendly team who can help you with a quick and private sale. We are in a position to quickly offer you a cash price for your property and we cover all the legal fees. All this can happen in a few short weeks. See how we compare to traditional selling methods…

Unlike other property buying companies, we complete a survey on your property before we begin the legal sale process. This way, you can be sure of no hidden charges or nasty surprises.

If you’re looking for a fast home sale, why look elsewhere?

  • 100% Cash Buyer

  • Free Valuation

  • Fast Decision

  • We Pay Legal Fees

  • Friendly Professional Service

  • Complete In Days

  • No Estate Agent Fees To Pay

  • Fair Price Offered

How do we compare?

See how we compare to other traditional ways of selling your house...

Buying Property Fast

There are many upsides to selling your property direct and privately to Buying Property Fast:

  • Guaranteed sale at agreed price
  • Any condition or location
  • No viewings
  • No conveyancing or legal fees
  • Any property considered
  • No property chains
  • Money transferred upon completion
  • Timescale to suit
  • Privacy assured

Online & Traditional Agents

There are many pitfalls in selling your home through online and traditional estate agents:

  • Upfront fees to pay (online)
  • Long and slow sale process
  • Lack of motivation to sell fast
  • Lack of local knowledge (online)
  • No guarantee of sale
  • Legal fees to pay
  • Multiple viewings
  • Making the house market ready
  • Constantly keeping your house tidy
  • Broken chains and delays
  • Buyers can change their minds

Property Auction

Choosing to sell your home through property auctions can also have downfalls:

  • Needs to be in the catalogue weeks pre-auction
  • High auction fees and commission
  • Open house viewings with potentially hundreds of people
  • Conveyancing fees paid upfront
  • No guarantee of sale
  • Lower value price
  • 28 days to receive funds if sold

See how our costs compare

The information below demonstrates how, over the time it takes to sell via an estate agent, costs can quickly add up and eat into your selling price.

CostEstate Agent 9 monthsOur Service 1 month
Market Value£100,000£100,000
Price Agreed£95,000£80,000
Post Survey Negotation£93,000£80,000
Cosmetic Repairs and Skips (£800)£92,200£80,000
Days off work to get house ready (£315)£91,885£80,000
Estate Agents Fee (£2,232)£89,653£80,000
Solicitors Fee (£1,200)£88,453£80,000
Mortgage Repayments (£435 per month)£84,538£79,565
Council Tax (£114 per month)£83,512£79,451
Utility Bills (£95 per month)£82,657£79,356
TotalFinal Price £82,657Final Price £79,356

The figures shown above are based on a property for sale at £100,000. They demonstrate how over the time it takes to sell via an estate agent, costs can quickly add up and eat into your selling price. Whereas, the price that Buying Property Fast offers isn't too far away from what you would end up with if you chose to sell through an estate agent. However, with Buying Property Fast you have a much faster sale. Taken into account in the information is £105 as a day rate for days taken off work, this is based on the UK average salary of £27,271. The mortgage repayments have been based on a rate of 3.5% on a 20-year repayment mortgage. The council tax example is based on Brand B in Grimsby which is £1,376 a year and the utility bills based on the UK average dual fuel bill. The estate agent fees have been based on 2% +VAT and the solicitors' fee £1,000 +VAT. Unlike other companies, we have also included the costs to be taken away from our offer.

Our offer is based on a RICS valuation of no less than £100,000. In the above example, there are no problems with the searches or legal side and the building is of standard construction. There are no other issues in regards to the property and because of this, we have based the sale on a one-month process.

“I inherited an old terraced house from my Grandfather which was in very poor condition. I didn’t have the funds to bring the house up to date and make it more tempting for would-be buyers. Buying Property Fast offered me a cash offer for the house and I was able to put the money towards renovating my own property instead.”

Dave Green, Manchester